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Bryan Murray BS,RT(T), CMD

President and Founder

Bryan completed his education at the University of Oklahoma in 1997. He started his career as a radiation therapist and quickly advanced into medical dosimetry. With over 20 years’ experience and a strong clinical knowledge base, Bryan saw that not every facility had the same dosimetry workload.  He created Advanced Dosimetry Solutions to offer skilled, tailored treatment planning depending on the customer’s needs. Bryan is committed to bringing the highest level of treatment planning services through dependable, responsive, and intuitive care.  He is well respected in the radiation oncology community and efficient in many treatment planning systems to include: Phillips Pinnacle, Varian Eclipse, BrainLab, and Varian Brachyvision.

When Bryan is not busy planning patients he enjoys spending time with his three boys or following the sports teams from his beloved Oklahoma Sooners.  BOOMER!


Felicia Fietsam MS, RT(R)(T), CMD

Felicia graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiation Sciences in 2010, then continued directly to graduate with her Master’s Degree in Medical Dosimetry in 2011. Felicia passed the MDCB board in 2012. After graduating, Felicia worked for a urology group for 4 years using Eclipse and static field IMRT. She joined Advanced Dosimetry Solutions in 2017, and has been working remotely for two cancer centers in the St. Louis, MO area. She is most experienced with the Eclipse V.15 Treatment Planning System and ARIA EMR, but has also planned with Pinnacle and XiO.

Felicia and her husband have two young children with whom they spend their free time. She enjoys spending time outside with the kids and, watching the St. Louis Cardinals play.

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Jonathan Taylor MS, CMD

Jonathan Taylor has been practicing Dosimetry since 2015. He earned a Bachelors Degree of science in chemistry from VPI&SU followed by a Master’s Degree in Dosimetry from UWLAX. He is experienced in Eclipse and Pinnacle planning systems, and is proficient in utilizing VMAT, 3DCRT, 3D arc, IGRT, and static gantry IMRT techniques to treat SRT, SBRT, hypofractionated and conventional fractionated plans for the full spectrum of general oncology. Supplemental to his planning system, he commonly utilizes Velocity to deform previous dose and/or imaging, DotDecimal to design and order custom bolus, as well as Aria, RadCalc and MU Check.

When not planning, Jonathan enjoys the outdoors camping, hiking or just spending the day at the lake with his family and three dogs.


Jennifer Davis BS, RT(T), CMD

Jennifer graduated Amarillo College with an Associates Degree in Radiation Therapy in 2004. After working as a therapist for 5 years she did on the job training as a Dosimetrist and passed the CMD exam in 2011. She furthered her career and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelors Degree in Radiologic Sciences in 2017.

Jennifer joined Advanced Dosimetry Solutions in 2018 were she has had the opportunity of opening new practices and establish policies, procedures, and workflows. She has worked with Physicians and Physicist to establish planning guidelines for SBRT, SRS and brachytherapy programs. Jennifer has also played a key role in helping centers seamlessly transition vendors. She enjoys presenting for Elekta across the county to help establish consistency and standards in treatment planning. Jennifer is proficient in a wide range of planning techniques to include 3D conformal, IMRT, SRS, SBRT, and Brachytherapy.


Kristin Martin  BS, RT(T), CMD

Kristin graduated from Hardin Simmons University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She later went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Radiation Therapy from UT Southwestern School of Health Professionals. From there, she went directly into dosimetry school at UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center. Kristin finished this program in 2014 and moved back to Dallas to work as a dosimetrist at Northpoint Cancer Center and passed the dosimetry boards to become a CMD in 2015.

Kristin has been working as a CMD for 5 years and is currently working at Northpoint Cancer Center as an employee with Advanced Dosimetry Solutions. She plans with Eclipse V. 13 and frequently uses Velocity and MIM for image registration/deformation, dose deformation, as well as 4D CT datasets. Most of her clinical EMR experience is in Aria but she is familiar with Mosaiq as well. She also has planning experience with Pinnacle TPS and Brain Lab.


Daniel Trongaard BS, CMD

Mr. Trongaard graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S in Biology and a minor in Neuroscience. He recently attended the Mays Cancer Center for Dosimetry school, having graduated in 2017 and became a certified medical dosimetrist in early 2018. Mr. Trongaard has experience with the Pinnacle and Eclipse treatment planning systems, as well as the Mosaiq and ARIA EMR systems. He also has experience in Velocity registration software, Radcalc, and MUCheck.


Bob Gainer RT(T), CMD

Bob graduated from Amarillo College with an Associates Degree in Radiation Therapy in 1991, he then went on to do on the job training in dosimetry in 1995. Bob has experience with Eclipse, ADAC, and Brainlab treatment planning systems as well as Aria record and verify. He has extensive knowledge of IMRT, Rapid ARC and 3-D treatment planning.

Bob restores player pianos and enjoys camping with his family and riding his motorcycle.


Maria Jamali MS, RT(T), CMD

Maria graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences in 2016, and then continued directly to graduate with her Masters Degree in Medical Dosimetry in 2018. Following the completion of the program, Maria passed the dosimetry boards to become a CMD in 2018.

Maria joined Advanced Dosimetry Solutions in 2018, where she has the opportunity to cover multiple centers in the Oklahoma City region along with remote centers in surrounding states. She is proficient in 3D, VMAT, Static-beam IMRT, SRS, and SBRT planning, where she utilizes Monaco, Tomotherapy, and Pinnacle treatment planning systems daily among these centers.


Danella Campbell RT(T), CMD

Danella started by earning an Associates Degree in Radiologic Technology in 1995 and then continued her education at the University of Oklahoma and receiving her Bachelors Degree in Radiation Sciences in 1997.  She worked as a radiation therapist for eleven years before training on the job for dosimetry.  Danella passed the CMD boards in 2010.

Danella has been working as a CMD for 9 years and is currently working at Landmark Cancer Center as an employee with Advanced Dosimetry Solutions. She plans with Pinnacle Treatment Planning System and Tomotherapy Planning System and Mosaiq.


Ashley Cunningham, B.S. RT(T), CMD

Ashley received her B.S. Degree in Radiation Therapy Technology from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY in 2008. She went on to work as a Radiation Therapist for five years, working with Elekta, Varian and CyberKnife treatment machines. Ashley then began on the job training as a Medical Dosimetrist and in 2016 she passed the CMD board exam.

Ashley joined Advanced Dosimetry Solutions in 2019, providing remote dosimetry planning and support for multiple clinics throughout the country. She has clinical experience with several treatment planning techniques including 3D conformal, static beam IMRT, VMAT, SRS and SBRT and has expertise in Eclipse, Monaco and XiO treatment planning systems.


Crystal Bull, MS, RT(R)(T), CMD

Crystal has been a Radiologic Sciences professional for over 20 years with experience across multiple clinical, commercial and educational settings. She began her career in 1997 earning an AAS in Radiologic Technology, BS in Radiation Therapy and BS in Radiologic Sciences (emphasis in CT and MRI) from Arkansas State University. In 2009, Crystal completed her education with a Master’s Degree in Dosimetry from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. While she is most proficient with the Eclipse Treatment Planning System, Crystal has also planned with Pinnacle, BrachyVision and XiO. Her favorite cases to plan are SBRT and SRS utilizing VMAT but she has planned the full spectrum of oncology cases using 2D, 3D and static IMRT techniques. Other software experience includes ARIA, MOSAIQ, Mobius3D, DoseLab, EZFluence, MU Check and RadCalc. In addition to treatment planning, Crystal has extensive knowledge of Quality Assurance practices within Radiation Oncology.

Outside of work, Crystal can be found watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball while hanging out with her hairless cat, Kemo.


Sara Allen, B.S. (RT)(R)(T), CMD

Sara began her career by receiving her Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology from Olney Central College in 1998. She and her husband moved to St. Louis, Mo where she worked in Radiology while earning her Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science-Radiation Therapy in 2001 from Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University. She then completed Medical Dosimetry school at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in 2002. Sara became certified in Medical Dosimetry in 2003 and has been working in the field since. She is experienced in XIO, Pinnacle, and Eclipse treatment planning software as well as MIM, RadCalc, Mosaiq, and Aria.

Sara’s son and daughter and husband keep her busy watching them play and coach their sports that they love.