About Advanced Dosimetry Solutions

Dosimetry Services

We believe that cancer care providers can provide the best services to their patients in a cost-effective way. Advanced Dosimetry Solutions aims to make this happen, and to this end we are building effective partnerships with cancer centers and giving quality solutions for their dosimetry needs. Whether it be vacation coverage, PRN coverage, part-time, or full-time, our team is committed to meeting the needs of your department.

We have a team of highly trained staff, who dedicate their efforts on a full time basis to ensure that cancer care centers get quality services customized to meet your needs. We are the number one choice when it comes to meeting your patient’s needs; you will not only achieve this effectively but also save your center some money.

We have computerized treatment planning for radiation oncology patients on an as needed basis.

When your full time FTE goes on leave or vacation, you do not have to spend a hefty sum of money looking for a replacement, we will be there for you on an as needed basis. Your patients do not have to suffer due to a lack of staff when the full FTE is on vacation or absent due to various reasons. We have your back, we will be there to ensure continuity, and you do not have to reschedule the patient’s visits.

We also understand that at times the workload will exceed your current capacity. You will enjoy working with us as we have a very convenient way of charging, we charge per treatment plan rather than by the hour for meeting the needs of the department. With this you will have big savings.

When the volumes are low, the costs associated with a FTE will be eliminated as we charge per patient. You don’t pay for the time that hasn’t been used to provide services, you will be charged as per the output and in this case, by the number of patients served. We are here to provide you with much-needed services, helping you to save the cancer center the associated FTE costs such as benefits, overtime charges, and vacation coverage costs among others. With these savings your patients will also benefit, they will get the services which they need without any delay and at the same time they will enjoy the cost savings which will be passed down by the cancer center. The patients will also enjoy excellent and quality services, given that the dosimetrists who will serve them are highly trained and experienced.

With our mission being to provide leading radiation treatment planning, we aim to utilize our experience and expertise to give you top notch services that will result in a positive clinical outcome. We clearly know that to achieve this, our expertise must be accompanied with state-of the-art equipment. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we give your cancer care center the assistance it needs to serve the patient better.

We invite you to partner with us and we will provide radiation treatment planning that meets the expectations of your cancer center as well as fulfills the needs and aspirations of the patients. We are the best choice to help you meet your patient’s needs while ensuring that your center saves money. For dosimetry services that will help you achieve the best clinical results and at the same time give you huge savings, talk to our Advanced Dosimetry Solutions customer representatives, we are here for you just like you are always there for your patients.